We are offering full range of poultry products and every cut our customers may desire

We are proud to offer highest quality products, including poultry raised on All-Vegetarian Diet and No Antibiotics Ever

We respect religious reuqirements of our customers and can offer Halal raised, harvested and certified poultry


Grain or grass fed, prime steaks to minced meat, we have a full range of beef products available 

Chilled beef steaks for premium restaurants and hotels to beef livers

Halal raised, harvested and certified products are available on request

Value added products


Besides a variety of frozen meat products, we are offering to our customers  other food products, such as Premium Sunflower Oil, Rice, Flour etc.

We source our supply from all over the world from the most reputable producers

We always take into consideration fluctuation of local currency in the countries of origin, to enable most competitive pricing


Reliable / Competitive / Professional

Other Products


Not only we can offer variety of premium value added items, but we can also provide products made with the special recipes to satisfy tastes of every market and customer

Hot dogs made of beef or chicken, nuggets, spicy wings, just to name the few popular items

Halal certified products are available per request