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What is "Consult-a-Coach"?

We are a group of folks who have spent a great deal of our lives either working with others in a professional working environment or in our personal lives because we enjoy helping people. Here you will find many different kinds of coaching and consulting services and links to other like minded centers and professionals.  

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Our home office is in Riverside County in Southern California, however, we have contacts from Northern California through New York and Texas.  You will surely find someone to assist you with whatever it is you want help with no matter WHERE you are!  

We offer online and internet related help via email for those that are either too busy to fit in an in person consult, or might be house bound.  We recognize there are many individuals with special needs and our aim is to make it simple, easy, and effective for you to get the help you want and deserve.

Anitra Williams
Eve Fairley
David Johnson

Jackline Clewitt 

Contact us for more information:  Email Mary

We do ask that a non disclosure form is completed for your confidentiality.  We want to help, but we want to also protect your privacy.  Download our non-disclosure form here:  NDA

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If you are a licensed coach (or hold a similar certification in a service related industry) and would like to be listed on our site, please email Mary for further information.